Yoga in Rome: Zemming out at Zem Yoga Studio

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Yoga in Rome - Welcome to Zem

Being a yoga-lover and moving to Rome, I was bound to go looking for a yoga class at some stage. There are a few places to find Yoga in Rome, from sessions held outdoors in the parks, inside the gyms and at studios dotted around the city. Now in my third year, I finally have a studio that I know I can turn to whenever I need an all-round juicy yoga class – Zem Yoga Studio.

If you’re visiting the eternal city and feel like doing something a little different in between all the sightseeing, make some time for a yoga class. Stretch out those tired muscles after all that walking, and float out of the studio with a fresh set of eyes.

Welcome to Zem Yoga Studio

Zem Yoga Studio is a yoga studio in the historical centre of Rome, owned by an American yoga practitioner, Amity Neumeister. The studio is small but at the same time larger than life with its beautiful space, friendly staff and quality yoga classes in a variety of different styles.

Yoga in Rome - Welcome to Zem

Left: Outside Buzzer; Right: Welcome sign on the front door

Conveniently located right in the city centre.

Zem Yoga is conveniently located right in the Centro Storico, the historical centre of Rome. You’ll find it along one of Rome’s main streets, Corso Vittorio Emanuele II. It’s literally not even 10 minutes walk from the Pantheon.

When you get to No. 184 on Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, press the Zem buzzer if the doors are closed, or just make your way directly to the 1st floor. Outside the Zem Studio, you’ll see a darling little “Welcome Home” sign hanging on the door. For yoga-loving travellers and expats, this is a bit like a home-away-from-home because it’s so welcoming from the moment you arrive to when you leave.

If you’re a yoga-loving traveller visiting Rome, this is a handy studio to know about. After a day of exploring the historical centre on foot, you could very easily end off with a 6:30 pm yoga class at Zem. Trust me, your body will thank you.

Yoga in Rome - Welcome to Zem

At the reception counter just before a Friday Community Class

Welcoming, relaxing environment.

Zem is a beautifully soothing environment to practise in. Being in the centre of the action, when you go inside it feels like you’re in another world, a little oasis in the city!

The interior design of the studio is warm, intimate and very calming.

From the moment you get to the 1st floor, you’re welcomed inside. First by the “Welcome home” sign on the door, and next by a happy face at reception.

It’s no surprise that it’s so popular amongst expats and travellers. It’s welcoming, multi-cultural environment definitely delivers on an “everyone’s welcome” vibe. Great vibes and great yoga!

Yoga in Rome - Welcome to Zem

Somewhere to sit, somewhere to chat, somewhere to put your shoes when you arrive 🙂

Yoga in Rome - Welcome to Zem

The changing rooms (there are showers).

Quality Yoga Classes

Let’s not forget, we’re not going to Zem just to make friends… it’s about the yoga right? 🙂

Luckily, Zem offers a nice selection of quality yoga classes, making it a yoga studio that checks all the boxes in my personal opinion. That said, different strokes for different folks, so just give a class a try and decide for yourself!

Zem offers heated and non-heated Vinyasa ‘flow’ classes, as well as Hatha, Yin, Ashtanga and Yoga Dance classes. Check out their website for more detailed information on each of their different yoga classes.

You can visit their website to see their weekly schedule, so simply use the MINDBODY App.

Yoga in Rome - Zem Schedule

The studio also hosts workshops, meditation classes, and other events. Check out their events page, or contact them for more info on specific dates you may be visiting Rome.

All their prices are clearly listed on their rates page.

If you’re in Rome for a short time, you can simply get a drop-in class (one yoga class) for €19. Or, if you can, do their 6:30 pm Friday Community Class for €13 (heated vinyasa).

If you’re in Rome for a longer time, check out some of their other packages. An Intro Pass gives you unlimited yoga for 7 days for €25 (new students only). Look at the many other packages, and find one that works for you.

Most of the classes are in English, but they do have some Italian classes.

Yoga in Rome - Welcome to Zem

The studio, just before the Friday Community Class begins

Start off with a Friday Community Class.

Building a community is important to Zem, and their Friday Community Class is one of their signature classes.

The Friday Community Classes are Heated Vinyasa Classes that happen on Fridays at 6:30 pm. They’re also offered at a discounted rate (€13  instead of the regular drop-in class €19), encouraging people to come and give it a try.

They’re almost always lead by the owner, Amity. A real treat as her yoga style pushes you hard, but still is mixed with a lot of warmth and fun. You’re sweating and pushing yourself, while also letting go and unwinding, as well as some smiling and chuckling at her jokes along the way.

I love these community classes as they are a nice mix of people. The last class I went to had a mix of locals, expats, exchange students and travellers. At the beginning of the class, Amity asks the class to take a little time to meet each other. In the beginning, it’s a little awkward, people looking around shyly at each other. But after 5 minutes the room is alive with chitter chatter as everyone gets to know each other. The community concept behind these classes is great and perfect for travellers (especially solo travellers) visiting Rome, as they offer a chance to meet people.

Yoga in Rome - Welcome to Zem

The studio just after class. The mat is where the teacher practises. On the mat, you can see the Tibetan singing bowl – very cool to have this sound therapy at the end of class

It’s the little things.

It’s the little touches that keep me going back for more.

Particularly in the Friday Community Class – the great selection of music playing during class, the essential oils sprayed in the room during class, and the sound bowl played at the end of class while lying in savasana. The lovely smells and sounds add to the sensory experience

The warm atmosphere of the place and the people (staff and visitors) is contagious – At the end of the class, I’ve found myself having lovely chats with new acquaintances in the changing room and out in the reception area – there’s always lots of chitter chatter after class, it’s lovely.

That said, don’t worry, you still get to zen out. It’s not done in a disruptive way at all, still giving you the quiet space to zone into your practice. I float out of there feeing reeeeeeeeeellaaxxdd baby 🙂

Zem Yoga Studio Roma:

Address: Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 184, 1st Floor
Phone: +39 06 89168961 (o) +39 333 1596725
Website:  |  yoga class schedule
Social Media: Facebook  |  Instagram

Happy stretching in the Eternal City!

I hope this post has been useful. If you’re visiting Rome, in between all those main sites and bowls of pasta, squeeze in a yummy yoga class. It’s a different way to experience the city, and who knows, you may make a new friend while you’re there!

Ciao for now xx



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