Where to Eat in Rome: The Charming Trastevere Neighbourhood

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Trastevere is a pretty neighbourhood, that is bustling day and night. It’s no wonder it’s become so popular! There are lots of places to eat in this hood, from sit-down restaurants to street food takeaways, and everything in between.

One of my favourite ways to spend an afternoon in this hood is to food-hop. I pick 4 or 5 spots and hop from place to place, enjoying the different foods and the atmosphere along the way. Of course, there are plenty of places to sit down and enjoy a meal, but try to save an afternoon for a little street-food-hopping. This way you’ll try lots of different foods in one go, and you’ll explore more of the neighbourhood at the same time.

Here are some of my favourite food spots, as well as some other notable mentions.



Trapizzino is one of the youngest street foods on the block. Started by Stefano Callegari in 2008, in the district of Testaccio, this is a fresh take on pizza!

The name “Trapizzino” is a mix of the word “tramezzino” (which is a triangular sandwich) and “pizza”. The triangular pockets are filled with the tastiest of sauces, inspired by classic Italian dishes. Like “Polpetta al Sugo” which is meatballs in sauce, and “Parmigiana di Melanzane” which is a classic eggplant recipe.

There are many yummy options to choose from at very reasonable prices. And they are so easy to walk around with, in case you feel like going to a stroll while you eat. Otherwise, you can eat inside, or take your trapizzino to the Piazza Trilussa square and sit on the steps.

Address: Piazza Trilussa, 46 | Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday: 10am – 1am | Website



Suppli is well-known in Rome for their incredible “Suppli”. Suppli are basically deep-fried rice balls with fillings like mozzarella, peas and meats. These little fellows are super tasty, and the ultimate street food snack. Suppli also has great quality pasta and pizza, and roasted chicken some days of the week.

This tiny place is a favourite amongst locals and travellers and is usually buzzing with activity.

Pop into Suppli and get a couple Suppli rice balls and slices of their Pizza al Taglio (pizza by the slice). There are a couple bar tables to eat at or simply take it outside onto the street like almost everyone else does. Enjoy simple Italian street food culture at it’s best.

Address: Via di San Francesco a Ripa 137 | Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday: 9am–10pm, Sunday: Closed | Website

Pizza Trilussa


Pizza Trilussa is a central square in Trastevere, that faces the Ponte Sisto Bridge. Right in this square is Pizza Trilussa.

This little spot also has great Suppli rice balls. Even though Suppli, as mentioned above, is the most famous place to eat these rice balls, Pizza Trilussa is pretty darn delicious too.

Pizza Trilussa is also well positioned, right at the bustling square. So you can get some Suppli rice balls and some Pizza al Taglio (pizza by the slice) and go and sit on the steps below the fountain in the square. It’s lovely sitting here while you eat, especially in the late afternoon when it’s busier. Sometimes you’ll even have local musicians busting it out in the square.

Address: Piazza Trilussa, 42 | Opening Hours: Sunday – Thursday: 10am–3am, Friday – Saturday: 10am–4am

La Renella Forno Antico Trastevere


La Renella has been around for ages. It has been making fresh bread since 1870!

Now it offers freshly baked bread, pizzas, cakes, cookies, sandwiches, and other yummies.

I’ve tried many Roman Pizza al Taglio (pizza by the slice) spots, and this is the one that makes me go “Mmmmmmmmmmm” every single time. There is just something so fresh about their pizza slices, and the ingredients really shine through.

Their “Calzone” – folded and oven-baked pizzas – are also worth a try. Delicious.

Address: Via del Moro, 15 | Opening Hours: Sunday – Thursday: 7am–12am, Friday – Saturday: 7am–3am | Website

La Prosciutteria


La Prosciutteria is an awesome little spot where you can find quality Italian, and especially Tuscan, food and wine. One of the classic foods to try is “Porchetta”. This is basically a traditional Italian pork roast.

They served differently sized mixed platters served on breadboards. On the platter you get cured meats, cheeses and other tasty products like sundried tomatoes. You choose which size you’d like, and anything particular you’d like on it, and out it comes. We always get a board of freshly sliced Porchetta and sundried tomatoes, along with a lovely red Chianti wine.

The place has lots of character, with lots of wooden decor and hunks of pig hanging from the ceiling. The staff are friendly and the atmosphere is very warm and inviting.

This is one of our favourite spots to eat in Trastevere. It’s a great place to sit around with friends, with a big platter and quality Tuscan vino. Everything is just so fresh and delicious, and it transports to another side of Italy.

Address: Via della Scala, 71 | Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday: 11:30am–11:30pm 11am – 4pm | Website | Note: They have many branches: In Rome, they have one in Trastevere and one near the Trevi Fountain. They also have branches in Siena, Milan and Florence.



If you’re a pizza-lover and looking for something a little different when in Rome, make your way to this little gem of a place.

At Don’s you can get yourself a classic deep-fried Neapolitan pizza, pizza fritta Napoletana. While the typical round neapolitan pizza is internationally famous, this traditional fried pizza of Naples is not.

Visit this little hole in the wall in the charming neighbourhood of Trastevere, and enjoy the very best of this Neapolitan street food. Get yourself a classic “Mount Vesuvius” which is the classic Margherita version. Get an Italian beer to go with it, and enjoy a relaxing lunch on a lesser busy side of Trastevere.

Friendly staff, an intimate atmosphere, and glass kitchen windows so you can watch them make your pizza right in front of your eyes!

Address: Via di S. Francesco a Ripa, 103 | Opening Hours: Monday Closed, Tuesday – Thursday: 6:30pm–11pm, Friday & Saturday: 6:30pm–12am, Sunday: 12pm–3pm, 6:30pm–11pm | Website



Fatamorgana has definitely made a name for itself in Rome, with new stores regularly opening up.

At this gelateria, you can get yourself some incredible gelato, made with the freshest natural ingredients. They take their gelato very seriously, so you’re in for a treat.

They have a very cute saying they use:

We turn Nature’s secrets into gelato and then we reveal them to the world.

What’s cool about Fatamorgana is that, beyond the classic flavours, they have pretty unique ones too. Whenever I go there I am encouraged to step out of my comfort zone and try something totally new. Some of the flavours I’ve seen include pineapple & ginger, pumpkin, and mint & ginseng (as pictured above).

And even when you don’t feel like being adventurous, the classics are such great quality it’s like a whole new experience anyway!

Address: Via Roma Libera, 11 | Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday: 12pm–1am | Website | Note: They have about 6 branches in Rome, including ones in the Monti and Prati neighbourhoods.

Happy eating foodie travellers!

I hope that you go and try some of the above spots when you next visit Rome. Of course, there are tons of places to eat, but these are some of my favourite lunchtime street food spots, that have never disappointed me. If you find others that blow your mind, let me know in the comments. Always on the hunt for new spots!


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