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Are you wanting to give yoga a try or simply practice more? Well, I have the ultimate Online Yoga resource for you. Seriously, get excited, because the incredible practice of Yoga just got a whole lot more accessible.

I discovered DoYouYoga after a lot of googling. More specifically, I was searching for a “30-Day Yoga Challenge” – Challenges like these are a great way to get back into the swing of things. By committing to a daily routine for a set amount of time, you gradually make exercise part of your everyday life, like brushing your teeth.

I landed on their “30 Days of Yoga Challenge” page, and it was one of those ‘Ah! Finally!’ moments. If you’re a yoga beginner or simply want a lovely relaxing challenge to get your rusty body back into shape, this is it. Jess Rose, the instructor, takes you on a 30-day journey, packed with a quality variety of routines and poses. This challenge will give you the perfect yoga injection every day, leaving you feeling great and motivated to keep up a regular practice.

This is the DoYouYoga website:


This is their 30-Day Challenge:

Why is DoYouYoga one of the best Online Yoga Resources?

Let’s jump right in an look at why DoYouYoga is a great online resource.

It is online, making it accessible no matter where you are.

Of course, you need internet to access DoYouYoga. Once you’ve got that, you are A-for-away.

This is super useful.
You may be travelling a lot and unable to join a location-dependent yoga studio – Don’t worry, you can take your portable yoga studio with you, all on your laptop. Perhaps you simply just can’t find the extra time to get to a studio – Don’t worry, just roll out of bed, open your laptop, and start practising. Perhaps you just don’t have the cash or you want to practice alone.

Whatever your situation, DoYouYoga can help out by being super accessible. All you need is a laptop (or even just a phone) and internet. The digital world, ain’t that a thang?

It has Free and Paid options, something for everyone.

DoYouYoga has a Free and a Paid option. Many online products do, however, some of them offer so little on the free plan that you either have to pay or not use it. DoYouYoga does what good brands should do, it offers enough on the free plan to still enjoy benefits. I am on the free plan and have a decent variety of videos and programs to use. I like this approach as it allows me to try it out, and slowing fall in love with it. After that happens, it’s likely I’ll get the paid option, to get the full monty with all the bells and whistles.

The paid option is called the Premium option. It’s actually not the easiest page to find – they should make it clearly visible on their website as it’s such a good price and a selling point. Here is the Premium Page – just scroll down for all the information. $15 per month or $120 a year is a brilliant price. I wanted to start yoga in Rome and the studios were over a $100 a month, easily. Just a thought.

If you want the real-life experience, which is still awesome, you could still go to the odd yoga class at a studio. Perhaps getting a 5-class package at a few different yoga studios. Then you’ll have DoYouYoga classes available whenever you like, wherever you are, as well as your real-life yoga classes at studios. And you’ll still save cash by not just paying a yoga studio every month.


*Note: I am in no way affiliated with this company, I just like what they have to offer and want to share it.

It is user-friendly and easy to use.

After you’ve signed up, the platform is easy to use. It also has a clean fresh design, which is a big plus.

At the top right you have “Practice” or “Discover“. Practice is for continuing the session or challenge you’re currently doing, making it easy to pick up where you left off. Discover is for finding new classes you want to do. The Discover section is then divided into Classes, Programs and Reads (blog).

Browse the classes and programs, and select what you like. Select your class or program and you’ll find it is easy to navigate. If you select a program, you move easily from one video to the next, marking off completed classes as you go.

Easy peasy.

It has a variety of classes, programs to suit your needs.

There are lots of options to choose from. Oh yeah, variety! Of course, with a free option you do get less variety, but still good enough to practice for a long time.

In the “Discover” section you have Programs, Sessions and Reads.

“Programs” are basically groups of yoga classes. “Sessions” are single classes. “Reads” is their blog.

Programs are awesome, as you can go on a multiple-day journey. Challenge yourself to practice daily with 7, 14 and 30-day challenges. There are different categories to explore like Free for All, Brand New, Everybody’s Practics, Advanced Practice, Steady Pace, and lots more.

Sessions are individual yoga classes. You can find the perfect class by using the search and filters at the top of the page. You can select the duration you want the class to be close to and your objective for wanting to do the class, and it gives you relevant options.

Reads is basically their blog. Lots of quality articles focused on yoga but also on a healthy lifestyle.

It has quality good-vibe teachers.

It’s so important to practice with quality yoga teachers. It makes a big difference to your practice.

On DoYouYoga the teachers are great. They are fit, healthy and knowledgeable yoga teachers. The ones I have watched also have a relaxed, friendly vibe about them. A nice energy.

I’d recommend browsing the classes and finding the teachers that feel right for you. Then give one of their classes a go, and see how it goes.



The Benefits of Yoga are far-reaching, and this platform makes it much more accessible. It’s a clever way to spread this healthy practice with the world, digitally. The clean fresh look & feel, quality teachers and classes, ease of use, and happy vibes all come together for a quality product.

I hope you liked the post. If so, please share. If you have comments and useful info to add, please do!

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Need I say more? Get practising!


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