Ciao friends, welcome to my lifestyle blog.

My name is Sian (pronounced See-Anne).
I’m a creative digital marketer, making a life in Rome, Italy.

All my life I have been on a quest for self-improvement, to live my best life possible. This blog allows me to explore what I believe makes this possible: Eating Well, Keeping Fit, and Having Fun (whatever that means to you…).

On this blog you’ll find:

Food: Natural Ingredients and Simple Recipes.

Fitness: Inspiration to keep fit, with a focus on a Yoga.

Fun: Thought pieces on various aspects of life that can impact how much we truly love life.

There are many aspects that affect the quality of our lives, from our work, relationships, eating habits and so much more. However, through my own personal experience, when I eat well and keep fit, I radiate outwards into all other areas of my life. Just these two elements have such a positive impact on the rest of my life, that I find it essential to put them front and centre. The ‘Fun’ section, also referred to as ‘love life’ is for everything else. Constantly researching, learning, thinking and pondering, This is where I share my little and big discoveries that have impacted my journey along the way. I hope to inspire you to follow your dreams, be 100% you, and to enjoy life to your absolute fullest.

Live The Wonderful is here to inspire you to Live Your Best Life too.


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